Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Alien Version

The Alien Version

[ Hi again People. First of all I would like thank all those who told me how much they appreciated my work on “What is the Real?” and many thanks for your support. You have been numerous to ask me when I was going to publish the alien version and I am so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.

Before writing “The Real”, I had researched for a little more than 6 months and now even after a year of hard work for The Alien Version; I still haven’t been able to find what I really wanted. I haven’t written what I wanted to. The amount of information available for aliens is not that huge as you people might think. A google search will reveal mostly stories about UFO’s and Alien Abduction – nothing matching my criteria. Well still, I am going to try say (invent) something about the Aliens as I see it.

In so doing, I would also like to express my gratitude to those wonderful persons who were here to support and help me do it, and to those who worked for me to try find information which might be valuable.

My sincere and utmost thanks, love and gratitude to Miss Deepti Suddul, for always being by my side whenever I needed someone to be with. With lots of hugs and kisses Mimi. ;-) ]

So here goes...


What is an alien? What is the definition of that word? What is our understanding of Aliens and the far reaches from where they come?

None is the answer. We can up to now give no explanation whatsoever. According to Answers.com an alien is “A creature from outer space.” This definition matches most closely with the topic. We have been brought to think about Aliens the way Hollywood and Bollywood directors and their graphic designers draw them. And we all have that common picture of an Alien implanted in our brains – that with a very slim body, three long fingers on each hand and leg.

So now to come back to our subject matter, to follow up with the sequel of “What is the Real?” I am going to ask you to imagine a Biological world in the first place. I mean somewhere where everything is Organic. Organic Organisms. Organisms which use organic matter to get done with their everyday tasks just like we humans use machines. Well if you’re thinking whether an organism can be mechanical, then yes it can. And that would be a Nanobot, nanotechnology is here people. The 21st century will be the era of Nanotechnology just the way Computing and Digitalization was the 20th century’s.

So what happens in that Organic World where the Aliens reside?? Good Question, eh?

Case I

Human Beings, A Product Of A Lab Experiment Which Went Wrong.

Their technological research advancing day after day, the aliens find that their industries and lifestyle are consuming too much of their resources and energy, and they won’t have enough of those to sustain for long. They had to develop something to ensure their survival and they had to create something which will integrate successfully into their organic mechanisms. And in so doing humans were born. Having nearly the same structure as theirs but different physiognomy and well alive and generating heat. Unlike Aliens, who are cold blooded, humans are the complete opposite, that is hot blooded. Using the heat generated by these experimental creatures, the alien found here a new renewable source of energy. A single human could produce enough energy to feed one human household completely for one day and they also last for a long period of time. Now think about having thousands and thousands, to say millions and millions, of these creatures generating this energy. It would be more than sufficient for the Alien world.

But now there was a problem. That damn lab thing lives. That human thing has got life. It breathes, it thinks, it talks, it sees, in brief it got senses. Haah. No problem. Organic world with organic beings and an erroneous lab experiment which turned into a living organism, I see no problem at all. Incorporating an organic body into another would be a child’s play. We just got to modify that part of the human brain responsible for sleep and dreams and memories. That’s all. Meaning we got to cut off those parts responsible for making each human being what it is, we got to stop its mental evolution in a way to keep it under control.

The organic organisms on the Alien planet will absorb the heat generated and then transfer it (or the surplus, as they themselves will use part of that energy to work) to a storage cell – biological storage cell.

But now you ask me, how are we, humans, seeing and experiencing all of this; that is our actual world as we see it. Simple the answer. We are living as we should. See, to control our senses and thinking and all, Aliens put us in an incubator cell. They just control our nutrition and project us into the world as we know it. [Oooh, not that simple. Well, I’m gonna deal with it. Ahem! Well well.] As all humans got their own incubator cells, they are all interconnected in a way with signals passing through each incubator cell. That is they share the same world, Earth. All our thoughts and all we do is just in our brains. We are all interacting and communicating naturally, as we are supposed to, just like we are just very right now. The only change is that in truth we are immobile and asleep. Our brain and senses are generating everything else for us. And the signals build the world as we want it and see it and feel it.

We are living, immobile be it, and generating the energy our inventors want us to.

{Well, if you people got problem understanding this theory, just let me know. }

Case II

Alien Abduction.

Hehe. The same thing as above but we humans all come from Earth, our dear blue planet. What happens in this premise I came up with is simply the fact that all humans are still on Earth. And as aliens find the need for more energy, they just come and pick some of us to do their job. Just take us from Earth and integrate us into their mechanisms in their World. Replicate us would be much better. And then they just return the original version of us back to Earth. But how do we know whether we are THERE or HERE, now what’s “here” and what’s “there”?? Alien World or Earth, Earth or Alien World, or both or none?!!?

Case III

Alien Invasion

War has broken - Humans against Aliens. Imagine the perfect Hollywood movie regarding an Alien invasion of Mother Earth but with the Aliens being much more powerful and having such supremacy to annihilate everything at will. And this is exactly what they do. But they do not destroy our lives but just our defences and then they capture us all. Making us slaves to their race. We are working for them, but having no present memory at all. According to us we are still living in our dear World, when in fact we are very far away. Slaves have we become. The irony of fate. And slaves we shall remain till the eons fade and new hope kindles again ...

[More to come in a near future ]


Saturday, May 21, 2005

What is the Real ?


“Have you ever had one of those dreams you thought was so real, that if you woke, how would you differentiate the real world from the dream world?” – Morpheus, The Matrix.

Have any of you ever wondered what is our purpose here is in this world? Why are we here? Are we the subjects of some kind of Alien experiment? Or are we just living in a virtual world, the real one being under the sheer control of machines and Artificial Intelligence?

What do we consider as being real? - Things that we can see, touch, taste, smell and feel - Then the real is nothing more than electric signals interpreted by our brain.

You people might be thinking that here’s another crap whose been brainwashed by the Matrix trilogy. Oh no people…you’re gonna be amazed by what I’m going to say.

Fact is that the simulation thing was around much before the Wachowski’s came along with their movie. And now guess what? There are academicians who have published papers on the subject with proof that we may indeed be living in a matrix. This theory, called the Simulation Argument, has been put forward by Nick Bostrom at the Department of Philosophy, Oxford University. The theory is very simple: “There is a significant probability that we are all living in a computer simulation.” The thing that we call reality is just an elaborate virtual stage show inside an equally or even more complex computing mechanism. Hmm interesting, come on then let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Let’s for a moment agree that we are indeed living in a simulated world. This simulation tells me to write this story, and then you people read it. So far so good. But how do you know if you are living in simulated existence? Well, every time we hear of something out of the ordinary, it could be a level of awareness where the simulation has gone haywire. So the next time someone told you he saw vivid colours in his field of vision – the image-rendering program has a glitch. And the next time you think you heard strange noises in your head, the audio capture software has not been properly tested before release.

The question remains?!?! If we are indeed truly living in a simulated world then it means that either the human race had reached such a level of Technological Advancement that it couldn’t control it anymore and as a result the Machines took over, through Artificial Intelligence, or we were created to be like this, slaves to the machines. So, if we really are under the controls of these mechanical beasts, why would they allow us write or make movies about such things that undeniably reveal their existence (if they ever exist that is)??? Simply because none of us (or almost none of us) really believe in Science Fiction or that’s what the machines ‘think’…it’s just a kind of entertainment for us, Sci-Fi stories. But we do have to admit that Sci-Fi is responsible for much of our technological evolution (in our Human World)…Satellites, for example, were created and put into the limelight by Arthur C. Clarke, an extremely successful Sci-Fi author.

So now for us there is no way in which we can possibly know whether we are in a real or virtual world, because both would seem the same. If we are indeed the ones who are responsible for our fate then cheers to Technology.

This gives me to think, but if we really did reach such a level of Technological Evolution then why are the machines projecting us in an ancient time, that is the past of the actual time – the time of the machines, the 2nd Millennium, when we could be fine with the time when the machines took over much much later?!

The answer as you may have guessed is simple. The machines are doing this just to blind us from the fact that the Human race had indeed reached a time when it had control over every thing. To make us believe that we are still under the process of evolution, in the search for a higher level of technological prowess. They are making us relive history, that of our ancestors, just to keep us under their control. And if they did place us in the time nearing the moment they took over, they would have had to re-manipulate the whole simulation of the aftermath of the fall of Human civilisation and as a result they would have to use much of their energy and resources to create a whole new virtual environment for Humans and keep on updating this new simulated world which would have cost them much to run and revise their Artificial Intelligence Systems and also decreased their computing power. Their remedy to this problem was to make us go back into time. They already knew about our history. So, they just had to take it and digitize it and then implanting in our brains would be a child’s play. After they were done with this they would just have to initialize their A.I. generators to update information for every human, thus they could do their job without having to worry about the immobile humans who were put in a state of perpetual “sleep” mode.

But what if the machines got nothing to do with our all this?? What if we were some kind of experiment from an Alien race? Yes, why not? The universe is so vast that Life could be present elsewhere. If it did form here on earth, then why not in another part of the cosmos? And if we are being subjected to an experiment, then the good news is that we are living in a TRUE real. But for how long??? Well, the topic about Aliens is yet another debate which I’ll deal with later.

Real or not, whether you believe in destiny or not, we are the ones to form how we’ll live through this, really or virtually.

I personally don’t believe in destiny but I do know that I have the control over my life, I’ll shape it the way I want to.

Until we come to know about the truth let’s just enjoy every single second we have here.

“I can only show you the door but you are the one to walk through it.”

Atwin Calchand.